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Pucko Petrol is a company founded in 1992 and has its headquarter in m.Plasnica, Macedonia. The core business of the company is wholesale and retail of petroleum, petroleum products and fuels for transport and is already proven brand in its field primarily because of the high fuel quality and excellent service offered to customers. The scope of work is also complemented with the operation of a factory for wood processing (sawmill) and a hotel in the center of Kichevo.

For more than 25 (twenty-five) years our retail department provides customers fuel with highest quality, excellent service and satisfies all the customer requirements and necessities. The department for wholesale supplies petroleum and petroleum products to companies and institutions that need and use our products for transportation, heating facilities, production etc.

Currently the company collaborates with over 1500 successful companies that use our products and services based on cooperation agreements including loyalty, confidentiality, a reliable source of supply and quality. A significant part of the reference list includes Government departments, public utilities and the Ministry of Interior, the Army of Republic of Macedonia, universities, secondary and primary schools, kindergartens, private large, small and medium enterprises, diplomatic and consular representations (Embassy of the United states, Embassy of Republic of Turkey, Embassy of the Netherlands etc.), which in recent years has given the company confidence to fruitful cooperation based on quality and compliance of the agreement.
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Our vision is to be the best and largest petroleum company at the Balkan that will satisfy all necessities and desires of the customers in an economical, safe and environmental carrying way. We are and want to stay the customer’s first choice.

Our mission is to constantly achieve higher levels of operational excellence and to improve our performance to perfection. The satisfaction and the goals of the company’s shareholders, that are constantly increasing, are completed with loyal and dedicated work of the experienced and professional team of employees. We are committed to deliver sustainable excellence in business performance by focusing on the following:

Satisfy all customer’s requirements; Extend our network of petrol stations all over the country and the Balkan. Sustain our stable and robust management system; Implement the newest and best modern technology system; Keep the best quality of our products; Sustain the safety of our environment; Benefit our shareholders; Become leading services provider in the petroleum field; Build long-term relationships with customers, partners, suppliers and governments.
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Pucko petrol possesses certificates for quality management system and environmental management system.

ISO 9001 certificate confirms the company's ability to consistently provide product that meets customer needs and expectations, and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. While the ISO 14001 certificate confirms the responsibility of the company and care for the environment by establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving environmental management.

Beside of the certificates, according to the current legislation of the country the company possesses valid licenses for:

Trade of petroleum and petroleum products and bio fuel in domestic market and abroad; Retail of petroleum and petroleum derivatives through subsidiaries or open petrol stations; Licenses for storage of fuel in its own built warehouses located in m.Plasnica; License for the transport of dangerous goods; License for public transport in the domestic transport; License for import and export of petroleum and petroleum products